Timeless Yearnings

Years fold by as if pages of a book.
We long for time spent well,
in concert with family and friend
so we hold on to our stories to tell.

Work occupies our time and minds.
Then transport children here and there,
chase the household chores,
and barely find time to share.

Leisure time is precious,
for there is so much to do.
Time spent with those we love
must wait until work is through.

As the weather cools,
and the rainbow leaves fall,
we look forward to the coming season,
be we tall or small.

We decorate our houses,
and fill the air with aroma of tradition's fare.
We plan to get together,
with excitement we prepare.

We gather in each other's homes
share our stories untold.
We toast each others company,
and feast as our ancestors of old.

As we head home smiling ear to ear,
our stomachs over full,
we dream of next years reverie,
and what new pranks to pull.

May we all enjoy those
who mean so much to us.
For we know how important it is,
its never too much to fuss.

Happy Holidays


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