Happy Holidays


Holidays are for all of us.
During this magical season we come together
with our family and friends
to celebrate traditions from generations long past.
Each of us in our own way finds
significance for our lives
in a humble or profound manner.

Somehow sharing the wonder
with the ones we love
brings to us a spiritual fulfillment
we can find no where else.
This connectedness seems to us so natural
when we have been filled with its warmth,
yet so empty when we have been bereft.
This ritual of belonging has been passed on
through time unremitting for insightful purpose.
We are social in our very essence;
we depend on each other for subsistence;
without each other,
we are lost, lonely, and abandoned.

Our observances are worlds apart,
cultures disparate, our methods diverse.
We attend too often to our differences
and ignore what we share.

We all seek a path of righteousness,
to understand our past,
so we can go forth into the future bravely
and with a blueprint for paradise.
Be it Heaven, Nirvana, New Jerusalem,
Arcadia or Elysium, we all seek the same.

We are one in our struggle for survival,
our journeying for truth, our path to righteousness.
We are one in our love of our families and friends,
our traditions and rituals,
and our desire to make life better.
And we need each other,
all of us, to find what we seek.

Each of us has a small piece of the truth within us.
When we share all of ourselves with another,
we pass our truths to the other.
Each of us are enriched immeasurably by our union.
The more we join with others,
the more we all propagate our truths
into ardently understanding.
And we recognize our singularity.

When you join with your kindred
this holiday season,
celebrate your union
with all of your fellow men and women.
Toast not only your heritage,
but that of your neighbor.

And so I pass my truth
and plant a seed in fertile soil.


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